Monday, December 31, 2007

On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me

So Anthony took me to the Gaylord Texan in Dallas for a three day three night getaway. It was fantastic! We got to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We slept in!!! Past 7 am!!!! And my nails looked perfect after a manicure at the Reloche Spa.

Tessa was staying with her Memaw and Papa. She learned the word "sunshine" and how to draw pretty pictures which are now hanging on Memaw and Papa's fridge. Needless to say, we had a wonderful, luxurious time, but we were very ready to get back to our little Tessa. It was amazing how much we missed her!

She was very shocked to see us walk in, and she screamed in delight. Moments like that make parenting a very fulfilling job.
Y'all have a happy New Year!!!!! God Bless!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The End of Something Big, The Beginning of Something Bigger

Well, the countdown to the end of my working days is here. I will be done with teaching (for a little while) come Thursday afternoon. Anthony is going to come to the school to help me walk my few little boxes out to the car in the snow-filled parking lot. And then he is going to take me to lunch and spend the afternoon with me.

And I am not feeling very sad, really. I am thankful to the Lord for his good lessons this semester. There are several things I learned at work about myself and God's will in my life. And how often can I say that?? To be honest, I have noticed most of my Christian walk is foggy and not always "spot-on". But what a dazzling view it is when the Lord gives me a little glimpse of the way ahead!! So beginning Friday the 21st, my job description will be stay-at-home-mom. Hey, don't they say the average person changes their careers at least 3 times in their working lives?

We will be taking off this Friday for Oklahoma and then after that, the great state of Texas (aka home). Our trip will be by rental car and portable DVD player. We will have the entire Wiggles collection memorized by the time we get back. Pray for us.

Take some time this Christmas to remember that the Kingdom is available to you because God's Word did not fail, but became man.

All Glory and Praise to Him who was slain!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Crazy People at the Safeway

They're out there. And we're all going to have to deal with them at some point. Whether you're out in your car, at your job, or creeping innocently through an icy parking lot--you're gonna have to face them. I'm talking about crazy people. Being a High School Math teacher, I would like to think I have run into my share of crazy people. But I got an extra special helping at the Safeway last weekend. It was Saturday evening, and Tessa had started to run a fever. We literally had one dose of Tylenol left in the house. So I decided to run to Safeway and pick up another bottle or two. It had been snowing and the roads were pretty slick. So as I eased into the parking lot, I was surprised to see the crowds at the supermarket. I drove down one aisle of cars looking for a spot that wasn't a mile from the doors. As I rounded the end nearest the front of the store, I saw an older man walk out from behind a van. He was the exact distance away that begged a decision. A saddle point. I could either push on through while he walked safely behind my car, or I could stop and wait for him to walk across in front of me. I thought about stopping--really I did! But it was so slick, that I figured it would be easier on both of us if I just sauntered slowly by. As I started to pass the man, he ran at my car with his hands outstretched. He was far enough away that he, after running several steps, he made it to my front wheels. I thought he was being silly. Like he was saying "Help! You're going to hit me! Ha Ha!" So I smiled that knowing smile at him that says, "Ha Ha! I get your funny joke!". But as his face cruised past my drivers window, I heard him scream "STOP!"

My smile froze on my face and my heart started pumping in my ears as I realized he wasn't joking. He thought I should have slid the other way off that saddle point, and he was going to run across ice in order to make that clear. Without moving a muscle on my face, I continued to smile while I slowly looked forward and drove to the next lane of cars. When I thought it was safe, I glanced back in my rear view and saw him waiting at the entrance for me. The crazy person was waiting for me!!!

Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Anthony. I felt a whoosh of relief and answered the phone with, "You're not going to believe what just happened to me!!". I told him about the man waiting at the doors of the store. He said I could just come home and he would go back and get the Tylenol if I wanted him to. Thank goodness. I began to slowly creep back towards the exit of the parking lot.

And then it hit me. NO. I am not leaving here like a spineless wimp! If he wants to have it out with me, then he can just try it! So I parked at the liquor store (a few stores down the strip mall from the Safeway) and took off my coat. Then I rearranged my hair. Maybe he wouldn't recognize me in my new disguise! I walked with my chin up into the store and straight to the medicine aisle. How would he feel if he knew he was about to yell at a young mother with medicine for her sick child?? Huh?? There was a tiny moment of panic when I thought he was coming and I didn't have the infant's Tylenol in my hand. But he never did talk to me. In fact, I don't think he noticed I was there. I was able to leave unscathed.

So I guess all's well that ends well...until the next crazy person...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The "F" word.

So Tessa has been venturing further and further into the uncharted waters of words. She is beginning to put together sentences and phrases. She gets quite proud of herself over these tiny speaking triumphs. She will smile that kind of smile that squints up her eyes and then clap for herself. The other day, while she was feeling particularly high on her horse, she walked haughtily up to the cat, Diego, and tried to tell him to get up off his warm spot on the floor. He didn't even open his eyes--just totally ignored her. She tried squatting down to his level and saying her command louder, but nothing worked. She finally did what all humans will do when pushed past the point of reason--resort to physical force. Have you ever noticed how many grown-ups are like toddlers??

So, anyway, it came as quite a shock the other day when Tessa started saying the "F" word. At this point in the game, most of her words could be something else, so I tried to ignore this anomaly. But Anthony heard it, too. So it wasn't just me. We thought and thought. What could she be trying to say? Did she hear this word at J's (her daytime "mommy")? Meanwhile, Tessa's favorite word of turtle was quickly being replaced by the "F" word. She was saying it everywhere. Which isn't too big of a deal until you get to church and go to drop her off at nursery. Tell me, how do you explain that to the nursery teachers without sounding guilty?

ME: (in a nonchalant and guilt-free way)
"Um, yeah. If you hear Tessa say the "F" word, it's nothing to worry about. She just likes to say it now. All the time. Oh, and we don't know where she got it from. Really. Do you say the "F" word?"

Fortunately, J figured out the mystery for us. It turns out the "F" word is really Tessa's way of saying Yuck. I guess J says yuck when she changes a dirty diaper. Which explains why she would say it really loud every time I changed her diaper. Even the other day in the restroom at the Art Museum in front of three women wearing lots of jewels. I'm pretty sure they were offended. Or maybe the diaper just smelled really bad, I don't know.

Is this what they meant by, "Parenting is an adventure?"

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Holiday Shopping

I think after today, I am all about internet shopping. Our little family woke up early this morning and headed out to Walmart for groceries for the week. This was quite a challenge for Tessa. She just doesn't find the seat of a shopping cart a thrill ride anymore (those were the days). Most of Walmart was obviously boring to her. Unless you count the bread aisle where she managed to squeeze two loaves of bread into a lumpy pulp before we caught her. And then the lobster tank brought forth squeals of delight that quickly escalated into shrill screams so that other shoppers looked at us with shocked expressions.

But the grandest of all was the $280 "pony" they had set up at the end of one of the toy aisles. This pony, when stroked in a sensory-zone, will swish it's tail, neigh, chew, and even turn it's head and neck to look back at you and blink. It's about 3 feet tall. This pony brought forth every emotional reaction Tessa has ever expressed in all her 21 months. EVERY one of them.

She is currently passed out in exhaustion upstairs (hopefully for at least 2 hours). And I am about to do the same.