Saturday, December 12, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Last night, Anthony made Tessa mad by insisting she put on lotion after her bath. She has been scratching her skin off, and she really needs it. So a battle ensued and Daddy won.

Then I overheard this on the monitor:

TESSA: Tessa doesn't love Daddy anymore.
ANTHONY: Oh. Well, that hurts my feelings.
TESSA: Silence
ANTHONY: Well, if you don't love me anymore I guess there's no point in me reading you a story tonight.
TESSA: Well, Tessa loves Daddy a little bit.
At least Jack loves Daddy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jump Street

My Thursday Mommy Club went to Jump Street this last week. It cost me $4 for Tessa and Jack and I were free. Here is some of the fun that happened there...

Can you count how many times Tessa wipes it?

Jack spent a lot of time making out with himself.

OK. I finally got Jack doing peek-a-boo on film. It's brief and followed by Tessa referring to herself in the third person. Maybe she's practicing to be queen some day.

Speaking of queen, she found a loyal subject. This poor kid was somehow manipulated into doing this for WAAAAAAY too long.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Date Night With Tessa

I haven't posted about date nights with Tessa in a while. Probably because they have been pretty run-of-the-mill. However, last Friday was a special one. We went to Disney On Ice at the Pepsi Center. It was a very extreme date for Tessa. She was surrounded by little girls in princess dresses. She got to meet THE Cinderella. She also got to see the new princess, Tiana, who is brown (Tessa's words, not mine).

At dinner, Tessa showed off her ice-eating skills:

Before the show, there was a display of princess dresses:

This is what it looks like when your excitement bubbles over and you can't help but share it with strangers:

The show itself was lots of fun. Tessa was so overjoyed by Prince Eric skating with Ariel, that she couldn't find words. She just turned (she was in my lap) and hugged my neck before turning back to the show.
She also loved Tinkerbell:
They had Cars and the Lion King, but these paled in comparison for Tessa with the princess factor.
In fact, sometimes, I think the night got a little overwhelming for her. What do you think?