Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Hardest Thing About Being A Parent

There are so many things about being a parent that are difficult. Bordering on impossible. You learn some pretty sweet skills pretty fast. Like balancing. And I mean balancing everything: babies, diaper bags, food, phones, car seats, TIME. You also learn to look before you leap. Or at least, in our house with lots of stairs, you learn that. Anthony and I have both fallen down numerous stairs because of toys. Once, Anthony fell down the stairs while holding a baby Tessa, but that was because of his own feet. He still knows how to make my heart stop!

Still, in spite of all the lessons you learn, the hardest one to face is this: you can't be a perfect parent. It's even harder for me than the thought of letting them go when they grow up. I just wish I could be perfect for my kids. Because being imperfect means something less for them.

Like I wish I could just keep my house clean. This morning, Tessa let the dogs in. It's been rainy and they were covered in mud. And you know what?? I haven't even stopped to clean the floor (or the walls for that matter) all day. And since we're on this subject...I just watched Jack eat three stars off the floor. If it had been one--well, no one's that fast. Two is definitely arguable, yes, sometimes TWO is quicker than you realize. But THREE??? Are you kidding me? What kind of mother are you? Well, if you didn't know before, I guess you know now!!!

Some fun video clips for the grandmas and grandpas. The music this time is in honor of Jack the mover and shaker. You go little man!

Tessa entertaining Jack:

Jack crawling:

This is Tessa's idea of a funny face. Her humor is subtle.

And here she is trying to be like the Pantene commercial girl.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What To Do When You Are Home Sick

1. Dance in your pajamas to princess music.

2. Build a fort. (Make sure it has a really cool tunnel entrance that adults can barely fit through.)

3. Have a tea party. CHEERS!

4. Go for an hour with a medicine mustache that's bright pink. PEACE!!

First Day of School

Yay! School is finally here again! What a life saver for mommy! For some perspective, here was Tessa last year on her first day of school:
And then this year:
Incidentally, she has strep right now. In fact, she had it in this picture (unbeknownst to us at the time). She will be contagious until tomorrow at lunch. Don't all y'all come over at once, now, you hear? Hey, don't worry about Tessa. This is an excuse to stay in her pajamas all day and watch hours of TV. She is lovin' it. Also, she is thrilled that her medicine is pink and sparkly. At least I don't have to hold her down to get her to take it, huh?
She never has had strep, but here's a funny co-inky dink. A few days ago Anthony had pulled out his photo-album/scrapbook that his mom had made him of his life. In it were pics of him after having his tonsils yanked. He said that he kept getting strep until they were removed. Hmmm.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Here are a few pictures we had taken last week. Which one is your favorite??