Saturday, June 1, 2013

Things Jack says

I LOVE corn on the hog!!!

That man had too much food! (This said 10 feet away from a rather large man trying to quietly pick out bug killer in Home Depot.)

There's a bug in the chicken!! Come and see! It's in the chicken where you cook!

Awwwww. I squished that little bug. Poor little bug. I will put that bug on the deck so he can get better.

(The next day) Momma! There's that little bug! He's laying on the deck RIGHT THERE! He's dead. Yes. He needs to lay there for a while 'cause he's dead.

Momma? (What?) What is that? (It's chapstick.) WHY is it chapstick? Why? Momma? Why is it chapstick? Momma?      This goes on for the next 6 months.

Momma? Bella is dead. Yes. And she doesn't have anymore tee tee or poop 'cause she's dead.

Momma? I can hear that sound!! ~Fits of laughter ensue.~ (This is yelled in a Target bathroom where we stopped for a potty break.)

Momma? What is that? (It's chicken.) Why is that chicken? Momma? Why is that chicken, momma? Momma? Why?  This also goes on for the next six months.

Momma? I didn't put MY shoes on the table. (This after Tessa got in trouble for doing just that.)

Momma? I didn't bump MY head on that door. (This after Tessa has cried for 10 minutes about doing just that.)