Sunday, April 1, 2012



Sometimes I struggle. Sometimes I can't "get into it" at church. Sometimes I zone out during the sermon. Or the whole morning. Sometimes I find it hard to give God even an inch of my day. Sometimes I can't seem to stop the spew of negativity flowing out of my heart, my mouth. Sometimes I eat too much. Sometimes I buy too much. Sometimes I sit all day and do nothing for anyone but myself. Sometimes I shake my fist at God in anger, and sometimes I ignore Him. Sometimes, when people talk, it takes all I have to wait until they stop so I can talk. About myself.


Sometimes, I fall on my knees at the wonder of the stars. Sometimes I am overwhelmed at the realization of God's love for me. Sometimes I start my day soaked in truth and finish it in sweet, honest prayer with my kids. Sometimes those days end in a vulnerable but powerful prayer with my husband. Sometimes my friends humble me because they are vessels of God's grace poured directly into my day.Sometimes a kiss and a hug can turn my world upside down.

We are are here on earth for such a short time. For some time. But the love in our lives...that is forever. Beyond our houses. Beyond our money. Beyond our "stuff". Beyond the end of the beating of our very hearts.

And sometimes.....I get it.