Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What's been going on?? Glad you asked....

Let's talk about Jack. He will be two this December. He might be entering the "terrible two's" a little early. He's such an overachiever. He is really turning out to be a sweet kid. He aims to please, and he listens really well. His teachers at "school" think he is the cutest and best behaved kid they've ever seen. I'm pretty sure I'm not exaggerating. ;) Jack loves to do whatever Tessa is doing. So he tries really hard to color pictures and dance around the living room. This usually lasts about 5 minutes before he can't help himself and starts throwing crayons, writing on the walls with the markers, and pushing his ballerina sister. Not a very good dance partner. He loves dirt and bugs, spitting, throwing things, feeding his dinner to the dog, and showing off his belly button. He hates waking up, broccoli, being told no, and sitting still. Such a heart breaker!

Tessa has been doing great in pre-school. She is learning so much every day. Her teachers are very impressed with her coloring, drawing, and writing skills. She has been experiencing several firsts lately. She had her first kiss. Which I saw. I admit, this is not the ideal first kiss--one where your mother is watching. But it was innocent and sweet. Here is the boy she kissed--our neighbor, Aidan.
Tessa also got her first broken bone! She fell and broke her collar bone about a week ago. So we are currently in the process of being careful while that heals. And, she received her first stitches on her ear a week ago. She was bit by a dog we adopted from the Denver Dumb Friends League. The dog was great until it got too aggressive with playtime. So the dog went back immediately and was replaced by Sally. Sally is a kitten who needed a good home. She is fitting in really well. She purrs and loves to hang out with Tessa. She even lets Jack carry her around in various less-than-glamorous positions. And she doesn't try to eat my kids. So it's all good!
That's about it for the kids. I am currently getting to know a new friend the Lord has placed in my life. Her name is Christina, and she is amazing. I am blessed by her every moment we spend together. I am also busy staying on top of book club, MOPS, women's bible study, two life groups, and housework. Whew! I need to learn to say NO! Anthony is usually in various states of "swamped" at work. He is such a valued person there--I know they appreciate him and the things God has gifted his brain to be able to do. He is also involved in a men's prayer group, the Worship Renewal Team at church, and teaches often. We stay busy! Hope you and yours are well!! Have a great day!

This Daughter of Mine

Life is full of surprises--the unexpected. And time, which is supposed to be linear and constant, seems to speed up and slow down and, sometimes, stop altogether. She grins like the Cheshire cat, this child of mine. Speeding up time with every centimeter she grows, every letter she learns. Rocketing us into unadulterated adulthood. Forcing us to forget the wonders of our own youth as we become captivated by hers.

And yet...there are moments when the second hand seems to loose its momentum as its cyclical journey to the 12 creeps to a crawl. You see, we are late, and she has discovered her shoes are on the wrong feet. Which must be set right--no matter the cost. And let us not forget holding open the door for this giddy girl as she spies a fallen leaf--the first one of fall. And we watch, our arms laden with bags, as she stoops to examine the curl of its edges, its delicate yellow.

For all the fluctuating speeds of time, she commands the ability to stop its ticking right on a dime. With a kiss, a hug, a mere smile. And I like to think that time in heaven is not immune, but stills while the Father leans forward to hang on the breath of her bedtime prayer.