Monday, September 19, 2011

It runs in the family.

Does this seem too good for a 5 yr old? I was blown away that Tessa drew this with no picture to look at. It's an Egyptian sphinx I think. She says it's a queen mummy.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Tessa rode Aliana (pronounced Ally-ayna), her "horse" to school today. Aliana is notorious for not listening and running wild into bushes and trees. Sounds like a few horses I've had before...
Jack is my (unsolicited) poop detector. If their is any on the sidewalk, he points it out. Loudly. Oh, and he calls it "poot" with a very hard "t". Which makes me laugh, but not as hard as when he says, "Uh-Oh, Mom!!! It's poo-poot on sidewalk!" And he'll keep repeating it until I repeat it back (thus proving I, in fact, understood him and am not merely placating by saying "really?" or "okay").
Tessa's Joke of the day:
Tessa: What does an octopus have on it's bottom?
Me: Ummmm.....what?
Tessa: A Flower
Tessa's jokes are always followed with rip-roaring laughter. Which, I guess, is half the charm.
May your "horses" take you where you want, may your shoes be free of poot, and may your jokes get the highest audience approval.