Saturday, April 25, 2009

Date Night

Well, I wish I was writing about a date night that I had with Anthony. But we haven't had one of those in a while. Actually, I went on a date with Tessa. Ever since Jack came along, Tessa has had less "mommy-daughter" time. Not in a bad way, though. She has always been an independent person. Still, I miss the days where she and I would run errands together or watch TV together or play on the playground. Just us. Right now, it's always "Mommy, Baby Jack is crying" or "Mommy, Jack is hungry". You get the idea.

So anyway, we got gussied up last night and went on a date. We went to dinner, where the waiter told Tessa she was pretty (she loved that!). Then we went and saw the new Disney Earth movie. I don't think I could have planned a better night for the two of us. We shared a small popcorn and some kitkats. We laughed at the funny parts together. We ran to the car and talked about how much fun we had on the way home. It was a very special time. That's why I put the you and me song on the juke over there -->.

Here's some pre-date pics:
Do we know how to have a good time, or what??

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things that three year olds say...

In the last six months, we have crossed some huge threshold with Tessa and her vocabulary. She pretty much knows how to say most of the things she needs to say in her daily life....and then some. She continues to surprise us with phrases she says that we know we never told her. She also keeps us on our toes by seeming to be busy, but really she's listening to every word we say. Little pictures have HUGE ears in our house. And a time delay from when those ears hear something and when the mouth repeats it. So you might be in the middle of the grocery store when she says something very loudly that maybe should be said very quietly.

I wrote down a few of the things she said today that I found funny.
"Mommy, poop is NOT food!"
(She said this to me from down in the yard while I was standing on the deck looking down at her. She was pointing at some dog poop on the ground. I am still pondering the implications of this statement, and I'm not sure I want to know.)

"Mommy, you're doo-doo."
(This was followed with loud laughter that slowly faded when she noticed mommy wasn't laughing along. We had to have a talk about name-calling. But I totally laughed later when I told Anthony about it.)

TESSA : "Mommy! There's a spider in here!"
ME : "Oh! Really?"
TESSA : "Yes. I wanna POP that spider!"
ME : "What? Why do you want to do that? Leave it alone, it's not doing anything to you."
TESSA : "Why?"
(She then wandered back into the living room for a few minutes only to return holding one of her books.)
TESSA : "Mommy! I wanna POP that spider with this book!"
MOM : "Tessa, don't hurt the spider with your book."
TESSA : "Why?"
(She wanders into the kitchen, and then comes running out and says the following as she streaks by:
TESSA : "I'm gonna POP that spider. It's OK, I have this!" (this refers to the fly-swatter she pulled off the wall)
I was able to grab a quick shot. Yes, she is topless. She probably felt like she would be more aerodynamic this way.
I don't know the fate of the spider. I wasn't being "nice" to it. I HATE those icky little creatures. I just didn't want spider guts on something that I might touch later.
Jack is ever growing. He is almost 16 pounds, and he is a very happy little guy. He turns just about every woman he encounters into a baby-talking, face-making mess. He is almost rolling over. He's drooling enough to soak up several bibs a day. He's always gnawing on his fist or a toy or my thumb. He sleeps an average of 8 hours a night. His favorite word is "Goo", and he is very ticklish. His eyes have turned out to be very deep blue, and his hair is coming in a light brown color. I'm still his favorite person, but he doesn't discriminate. He got his 4 month shots and had a night and day of fever and crankiness. But he's back to his cheery self again.
He also loves holding his big sister's hand. Awwwwwwww! Yes, she has no pants on. I have no idea why--I just can't keep her clothes on.

We had a great Easter, and Tessa enjoyed the Easter egg hunt (up until the end when she fell and hit her head pretty hard).

The painting queen still sits on her throne. She is very serious about her craft.
I guess that's all I have. Sorry about the huge delay from the last post.