Monday, August 30, 2010

Tessa the Superstar (said with dripping sarcasm)

This past Saturday was the recital for Tessa's ballet class which she has been attending all summer. Every Tuesday, I would drive too far so Tessa could be a part of something she loves. However, she does NOT love performing in front of an audience. Since every parent in the room had been forced to sit through 80 minutes of agonizing round after round of little ballerinas by the time Tessa came was no surprise that she provided some comic relief. But eyebrows raised, jaws dropped, and laughing turned to murmurs of surprise when she executed her turns on the very tip or her tip-toes.

As Dave Kellett says, "You can't choose what you're famous for in life."

Last Night in the Kitchen

ME: Jack, do you want a gummi bear?

JACK: Yeah!

ME: Can you say please?

JACK: Yeah!

ME: OK. Say please.

JACK: Yeah!

ME: No, don't say yeah; say please.

JACK: Yeah!

ANTHONY: Well, maybe he'll be good at sports.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Todd Camping Trip 2010

We made it!! We went camping and made it through two nights and two days. We actually were scheduled to stay tonight, but figured sleeping at home would be better for all of us. So we made a day of it in Estes, and then drove back to Roxborough. Here are some highlights:

First morning. (It was pretty cold at night, so Anthony was wearing an attractive shorts/long johns combo. Shong johns? Short Johns?)

Jack before coffee:

Jack after coffee! (and a little dirt--he must always taste and see that what the Lord made is good)

We brought ONE toy. Apparently, my dad is famous for entertaining himself with dirt and a stick growing up. Since we knew there would be plenty of THAT...

But all they wanted to do is play with the one toy. Tessa, being bigger and meaner, basically took it from Jack over and over again. I think he began to lose interest.

Us. After the first night. We might not do this again until kiddos are bigger. Or until they invent some kind of portable, invisible, fence. 'Cause we are exhausted from chasing Jack.

There were lots of wardrobe changes. Mud, water, rain, swimming, and general food and dirt eating were to blame. Lots of bending over going on:

I would yell to Jack to come back, and he would plug his ears. Here's a picture to prove it. Where did he learn to do that??

Morning two after night two. More sleep = more silly:

Well, Jack got more sleep anyway.

Kids didn't know why we were making them sit on a rock.

Waiting for the tram.

Looking out of the tram. Tessa said it was just like flying. I couldn't help thinking "box of death" while we ascended.

Waaaaaaay up high.

Chasing chipmunks in order to feed them peanuts trumped the awesome view for the kids, at least.

Here is why Jack was not allowed to feed the chipmunks anymore.

Tessa thought they could talk, but had their mouths full so they didn't.

She was really good at sitting very still so they would come up to her. Probably thought it was only natural since that's what they do with princesses in Disney movies.

Going back down. Jack heard me tell Tessa she wasn't tall enough to reach the straps. He then grabbed two and held them all the way down while making faces at Tessa. Probably to get her back for the toy truck.

Last stop, go carts!! Poor Jack had to watch.

Asleep at the wheel. After this, we went and packed up the tent and drove home. Poor guy slept the whole time.