Thursday, February 24, 2011

Superman Lives Here

Today I am thankful for the joy of little boys. One in particular. He's my Superman.

It's not commonly known that Superman has a thing for cookies and milk.

Up, Up, And Away!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Bees Knees

I went to a MOPS play date Tuesday morning. It was at Little Monkey Bizness. We (the kids and I) have finally grown into that place. Tessa is still under the age cap of 6 and Jack is finally talented enough with his appendages to really get on/under/through all the equipment. I can go and sit at a table and sip a cup of coffee while reading a book almost peacefully. Or I can chat with the other moms and get in that much needed daily dose of adult conversation.
This particular play date was unique because Tessa and Paul were able to be together. Paul has carried a torch for Tessa since laying eyes on her in the Fall of '09. When MOPS started this last Fall, however, Paul's enthusiasm got the better of him. They regretfully had to separate Paul and Tessa because of too much PDA. Nothing scary or gross, just a lot of hugging and kissing and holding hands, etc. So it has been since last September that Paul has seen Tessa really. It was like 6 months were really one day.

Jack may have found love that day. Like Charlie Brown and the Red Haired Girl.
And what girl can really resist that face?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Look Out Ladies! Five Is the New Four!

Well, she did it. She went and turned five on me. Didn't even ask or give me a chance to get ready for it. If only she hadn't done it so fast--almost before I could get my feet under me after the whole "turning four" fiasco. And make no mistake, she is already planning SIX. I'm onto her and her wiley ways. My Baby Girl. My Scooter. My Princess. My Ballerina. My FAVORITE girl in all the world. My Silly. My Stinker. My Honey. My Darling. My Tooty-Pants. My Tessa Jane...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing Hookie From Church

We got about a foot of snow last night. We were so out of it--we didn't even know it was supposed to snow at all, let alone a foot! So we decided to NOT drive all the way to church. Instead, we figured it would be fun to go sledding. We were the very first people on the best sledding hill in Roxborough. It was a pretty amazing view:

My parents bought this sled for Tessa last year. She was just not big enough to quite use it. But now, she is a pro. In fact, she did almost all the sledding by herself. She even lugged it back up the hill. She really enjoyed the deep snow.

Jack wasn't so sure. He could barely walk but he was willing to give it a try since everyone was laughing and having a fun time.

So daddy "secured" Jack to the front of the sled and off they went:

Jack may look like he is smiling in the following picture, but I can assure you--he is not.

And to add insult to injury--mommy just stood there laughing and taking pictures.

He may never recover. In fact, WE may never recover from laughing at these pictures! Poor Jack.